Our Process

The Bail Bond Process

To begin the process, all we need to know is where your friend or loved one is being held. We will then call the jail and get all the required information on on your behalf including any additional charges, or other issues that may complicate their release. As soon as we know all the required details, we will contact you to sign all the required paperwork. You will then be provided with a receipt.

After the paperwork is processed and finalized, a license All American agent will “post” your friend’s or love one’s bond at the jail, detention facility, or court where they are being held, which will result in their release. How long this process takes varies from location to location, but we will get it done as fast as possible.

  1. Call our local office, with the name of the defendant and the name of the facility where they are detained.
  2. Our agent will call the facility to verify the bond amount and check for any holds such as probation or parole violations or outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions.  (Please have some patience. Jailers are quite often busy and cannot get to us right away!)
  3. The agent will call you back and provide you with ALL of your options.  (Sometimes a bondsman may not even be needed.)
  4. Should there be a need for our services, the agent will arrange to meet with you to complete the paperwork and collect payment.  The State of Ohio requires all Surety Bail Bonds Agents charge 10% for a bond, but be sure to ask about our payment plans and 4% down option for those who qualify.
  5. A short time later your friend of loved one will be released pending their next court date.
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