Transfer Bonds

Tranfer Bonds

People often ask:
How are you able to post bonds across the state or even country?
The answer is via a transfer bond.

How does a transfer bond work?

If your friend or loved one from the local area is arrested outside of the local area it may be difficult to get a bail bondsman who is local to the arrest to post bond as the defendant often does not have ties to the local area. Rather than deal with somebody far away, you can meet with one of our local professional bail bond agents. We will complete all of the appropriate documents with you and collect the applicable fees. The bond is then transferred via our insurance company to the local area of the person’s arrest. The bond will be posted by a local agent who is appointed with the same insurance company we use while the responsibility for the defendant remains with our agency and, ultimately, the signers on the bond. Contact us today to meet with a local, professional bail bondsman who can walk you through the process and secure the release of your friend or loved one.

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